Sermon 7-20-14- Romans 8:18-30

Last Sunday I preached on Romans 8:18-30, which is the second in a three part series on Romans 8, and part of a larger study through at least Romans 8 and 9 that we will be doing.  This message focused on how God’s promises to his people continue to get better and better (a theme begun in the first sermon on Romans 8), showing how God will give us a redeemed creation and redeemed bodies, and how he has also given us the Holy Spirit to intercede in prayer for us because we don’t know how to pray for the things we need to pray for.  Because it is the Spirit (who is God) praying for us, we know that his prayers will be answered because he prays God’s perfect will for us.

From here, Paul revisits suffering by assuring us that Christian suffering is not purposeless.  It is used to conform us to the image of Christ that we can be his brothers and sisters.  Then Paul launches into the goodness of God’s plan that he sets aside some for himself and sees his plan through from predestination to glorification.  Since it is God’s work to fulfill his plan on our behalf, we can trust that his plan is unfailing and our salvation is secure.

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