Sermon- 7-13-14- Romans 8:9-17

This past Sunday I preached on Romans 8:9-17.  This is the first of a series of sermons on Romans 8 and 9.  I see Romans 8 as a testimony of good things that just keep getting better as Paul goes further and further into the chapter.  If we are in the Spirit, we belong to Christ.  If we have the Spirit, we have been raised from the dead.  If we have the Spirit, we are children of God.  We are not just children in a generic sense, but we are adopted.  We are brought into God’s perfectly loving family.  We are more than just adopted; we are made heirs with Christ.

The passage ends here, but there is even more good news coming as we learn in the future about the security of our salvation.  Here is the link:

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