Sermon- December 8, 2013- The Nicene Creed; December 15, 2013- Expectations

On December 8 I preached about the Nicene Creed, more specifically, about the changes we see to the Creed in the Anglican Church in North America Eucharist Liturgy.  The “changes” were corrections in the translation to return us to the earliest version of the Nicene Creed as accepted at the Council of Constantinople in 381.  I felt that it was important to spend time “in the weeds” on this topic because we say the Creed every week and the changes were noticeable.  It was a good opportunity to show how these changes (in particular the removal of the clause “and the Son” from the line saying that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father “and the Son”) reflect the original text, and put us in communion with the Orthodox Church, the second largest Christian church in the world.  I would encourage taking the time to listen to this explanation, especially if you like Church History.  It is roughly 26 minutes long.


On December 15 I preached on Matthew 11:2-11 and talked about the issue of expectations.  We are in a season of expectation (Advent) as we await the celebration of Christ’s birth and the return of Christ to bring his final judgment.  The passage was about John the Baptist being in prison and questioning whether or not Jesus was really the Messiah- a doubt spurred by John’s expectation that the Messiah would set the prisoners free.  He was a prisoner and didn’t want to die in jail so he was wondering what was up with Jesus.  But Jesus showed that his purposes are so much bigger and so much better than the expectations and what we would have him do for us.  He didn’t come to just free prisoners on earth, but to free us from our imprisonment to sin and give us the right to be sons and daughters of God, living together with him in his eternal kingdom.

I apologize as this sermon was longer than I intended, coming in at about 36 minutes.


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